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How do I use the Search tool?

What is the Search tool?

All Science Fair Projects offers a very cool search tool specially designed for science fair project ideas. This makes it possible for you to quickly shortlist all project ideas across all topics, for your area of interest.

You no longer have to browse through hundreds of different sites and then go through every one of the ideas just to short-list the ones that are useful to you.

For example, say your teacher recommends that you do a project on solar power. Instead of slowly browsing through hundreds of ideas, you can just enter "solar power" into our search box, and presto - you will be shown a list of all projects on solar power! Neat huh? Well, we'll even show you projects that may not be directly related to solar power, but which may still interest you as there could be some similarity between those projects and the concept of solar power! Each result page lists 10 projects. You can use the arrows at the bottom of the search page to go to the next 10 results.


What exactly is being searched when I enter a keyword?

What we've done is to make it possible for you to do a keyword search on the following:

  1. the Project Title
  2. the Project Description
  3. the actual content (including the project hypothesis, ingredients, instructions and explanation of results)

Our Search tool will automatically look into all 3 of the above for your keyword. If you want to restrict the search to only the Project Description and the actual content, then you will have to perform an advanced search.


How do I access the Search feature?

To access the search feature, you can either:

  1. Go to our homepage and enter your keywords in the search box


  2. Click on "Search" on the menu bar near the top-right of the screen. Then enter your keywords in the search box


How do I perform an advanced Search?

    1. If you used the search box on our homepage, then the advanced search box will appear above your first search results
    2. If you clicked on "Search" on the menu bar near the top-right of the screen, then you will be brought directly to the advanced search box.

There, you can specify the following options:


You can restrict the search to a particular category eg. Biology, or a sub-category eg. Biology>Botany.
If you don't touch this option, we will search across all categories.


If you enter more than 1 word in the search box, choosing "Any word" will show projects containing any of the words that you entered.

Choosing "All Words" will show projects containing all of the words that you entered, regardless of the order in which these words appear in the project. Eg. a search for "solar power" produces the following projects:

  • Does the angle at which the Sun's rays fall on a solar cell affect the power that's produced? I think that if the solar cell is placed perpendicular to the sun's rays, the power going to the cell will be maximized.

  • How does a change in temperature affect the current, voltage and power generated by a solar cell? The purpose of this experiment was to determine how different temperatures affected the voltage (mV), the current (mA), and the power (watt) generation of a solar cell.

Notice how the word "solar" appears before "power" in the first but not the second result?


"In title and description only" - if you select this option, only the Project title and Description will be searched for the keyword.

"All content including main project page" - if you select this option, then the Project title, Description as well as the entire content (including the hypothesis, instructions, ingredients and explanations) will be searched


You can limit the search to a particular difficulty level (ie:elementary, middle or high school). If you don't touch this option, we will search across all levels of difficulty.

How do I sort the search results?

You can sort the search results by each Project's Title, Category or Difficulty. Go to the sort menu that appears above the search results.

Then, click on your choice. By clicking yet again on the same choice, you will reverse the order of the results.


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