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Easy Science Fair Projects Handbook

The Easy Science Fair Projects Guide for All Students
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Easy Science Fair Projects Handbook

A handbook to make easy science fair projects - for teachers, parents and students of all levels

This handbook will help make science fair projects easy for you - even if you're doing this for the first time. It contains everything you need to know about preparing your easy science fair project, from start to the end. We recommend that you carefully read all chapters in the order presented.

Choosing your experiment

This chapter explains how you should choose the type of experiment for your kids science fair projects. It also explains what are the most common type of projects that kids choose to do.

Choosing science fair project ideas

This chapter explains the best way for you to choose your science fair project ideas. It's important for you to read this so that you stay on the right track!

Displaying your project

This chapter explains how you should prepare the display for elementary science fair projects or for that matter, projects of any other level.

Understanding the Scientific Method

This chapter explains the scientific method. You need to understand this well as most science experiments are based upon the scientific method.


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